NEW Shimano Steps EP8 mid-motor

Now we’re talking serious fun here.
The motor delivers 85Nm of torque… but what’s all this buzz about torque and what does it mean for you?
The more torque, in Newton meters (Nm), the less fast you can pedal for the same speed. If you like to ride tall (hard) gears, this is what you need.
Shimano EP8 motor
Bike43 Alpster Light Nardo Gray
Our factory configuration is performance oriented on the so called Profile1 (3 sub levels as usual, ECO, TRAIL and BOOST).
The Profile2 is range optimized for those who prefer to pedal faster (with 3 levels again).
You can even further tweak them with your smartphone.
An ebike motor is a fundamental part of puzzle, but it’s not the only part that matters. The transmission is the essential component needed to extract all the flavors of the motor. So what nice transmissions did we pick to cook the best bikes for you?
Bike43 Alpster Sport Blue
  • Alpster : EP8 with the Nexus5 Internal Gear Hub (IGH) and mechanical shifting. Simple and functionally perfect. You’ll have to ease up just a little on the pedals when shifting,
  • Alpster eShift : EP8 with the Nexus5 IGH with the Di2 (a legend in the #tourdefrance) electronic & automatic or manual shifting (auto for comfort, manual whenever you’re in a hurry). The EP8 motor gives a short power cut to allow for a precision surgical gear shifting. It has a DSG-like feeling and is further improved over the E6100. This is arguably the most thrilling and highest octane version. Nothing else comes even close to it at the traffic light turning to green 😉
  • Alpster Enviolo : EP8 with the stepless Enviolo IGH with mechanical shifting,
  • Alpster eShift Enviolo :   EP8 with the stepless Enviolo IGH AutomatiQ for utimate comfort and smoothness. Between the two Enviolos we strongly advise the AutomatiQ which is better at shifting under load.
They all are great and for sure one of them with match your personality, your riding STY-LE to give you a riding SMI-LE 🙂
Ah, and this is no Sunday morning’s bike. It’s a family transport bike, meaning that you’ll enjoy it much more often!
It still has the Bike43 chassis with it’s acclaimed SAE4130 cromoly steel frame refined ride and pin sharp handling. It has the range of accessories to suit the needs of your evolving family.
It’ll save you a lot of traffic jams and lost time looking for a car parking place. It doesn’t emit any fumes and uses 20x energy than an electric car.
You’ll have loads of fun, and you don’t have to feel guilty for it.