Unique low step “Double X” frame design, easy to sit on, stiff for agility and riding pleasure.

Unique frame geometry, the perfect riding position for the city.

Double X bicycle frame
Footbox Bike43

The innovative, unique and patented Footbox System accommodates the legs of the first child and protects from collision with the adult feets. It saves 15cm of carrier length to carry more. The Bike43 is only 10cm (4″) longer than a regular bike. It just as easy to park and store.

Two legs kickstand for an easy loading and unloading

Double leg kickstand
Rear disk brake

Powerful disc brakes for maximum safety – mechanical or hydraulic

Gear hub for unbeatable reliability, easy gear change even when stopped, and no chain drop – NuVinci N380 or Shimano Alfine8 for the conventional variant

NuVinci N380
Footbox system

250W motor and 510 Wh battery, German made power system – Flattens the road for you – Range between 40 and 80 km (25 to 50 miles) – Smooth, strong, totally quiet – Pedaling torque sensor for intuitive motor support

Refined in every detail


The bike needed to be suited to my wife (1.60m, 5’3″), she needed a stable bike while riding. I imagined the battery low down and the kids sitting as low as possible.

She wanted the bike stable for loading and unloading, I designed a double leg kickstand to keep the bike vertical.

She wanted to be able to manoeuvre the bike easily and store it in our staircase, then the idea of the Footbox System came up to keep the length of the bike to the minimum.

Next, I used all my experience acquired in car racing to package those ideas in a bike, and make it such that I would enjoy riding it too!

The nicest surprise was to find out that riding with our two kids on this neat little well made machine is such a joy, day after day. It is the least powerful vehicle I engineered, and it’s the one we enjoy the most.

Then I wondered why not make more of them for other people to enjoy too? This is how it started.


Today, after a busy week in the city, I’m riding fast in silence through the forest with my two kids, under tender light green leaves backlighted by the sun. The three of us on this machine which is pure engineering and grace down to the bone reminds me how engineering and nature are so tightly connected.

An engineer is humbly playing with the laws of nature, there are 1000 ways to put the blocks together, but sometimes one comes with inspiration to produce such a balanced vehicle that it can be called art. Don’t bother trying to figure out how it’s made, just enjoy it.”

Matt  – Designer of the Bike43 – Former Le Mans and F3000 race engineer

Made in Europe

Our bikes are designed in-house. Our frames are hand built in Europe, by specialized and experienced craftsmen. Our bikes are finally assembled with care in Brussels (Belgium) according to the quality standard that you and your children deserve.

You can also have the Bike43 without motor. The conventional variant features a Shimano front hub dynamo, fully automatic lighting and a Shimano Alfine 8 gear hub.

The bike is lightweight and suitable for flat cities, touring or trekking.