longtail bike43 cargobike vélo cargo lastenrad
longtail bike43 cargobike vélo cargo lastenrad
longtail bike43 cargobike vélo cargo lastenrad

“As parents of young children, you know better that time is limited, you are on a tight schedule every day. In urban area, space is also limited. For your daily family transport: kids to school, commuting to work, grocery shopping, you want a low maintenance quality bike.

Our in depth experience with Bike43 user community demonstrates the need for a compact, modular and dependable road companion easy to ride for men and women.”

Please meet Bike43, adopted by the most demanding families for their daily, all weather, all year long transport!

Etienne  – Chief Designer of Bike43 – Former Le Mans and F3000 race engineer – 20.000km on his Bike43


Bike43 configuration 01
Bike43 configuration 02
Bike43 configuration 03
Bike43 configuration 04
Bike43 configuration 05

Compact – Similar size than a standard e-bike, easy to transport by car, park, and safely store as it fits standard bicycle storage (i.e: Velo-Boxx), elevators, trains, subways…

Bike43 MTB overlay
longtail bike43 cargobike vélo cargo lastenrad accessories

Spacious and safe – up to 2 kids in individual back seats with safety belts – up to 3 kids with the unique adaptive “rollercoaster” – One child and one adult at the back – and cargo – you can transport your kids and go grocery shopping at the same time

Shimano Steps E6100 and Bosch CX Cargo Line mid-motors – 500Wh battery – They Flatten the road for you – Range between 50 and 100 km (30 to 62 miles) – Smooth, strong, quiet – Pedaling torque sensor for intuitive motor support

Super easy thanks to the drive unit fully integrated automatic shifting – Automatic or manually operated up and down shifting – Lightning quick shifting under load – Returns to 1st gear when stopped – Just focus on what matters – Market first on a multipurpose ebike

Market easiest ride when loaded.
Turning, braking, accelerating becomes natural and will please new and confirmed cyclists. But why?
Low center of gravity – Small 20″ rear wheel, market lowest battery position
Comfort – The larger 24″ front wheel goes smoothly over city obstacles by rolling over them rather than bumping against
• Lightweight CrMo steel is well known to be a “living material” that absorbs shocks generated by road irregularities
• Double X unique design offers stiffness exactly where you need it

double X Bike43 frame

Stylish and customizable – As we are not all alike, Bike43 is available in 5 different colors. Focused on functionality or want advanced performance and style? There is a Bike43 waiting to be your long lasting, loyal road companion

Proven – Bike43 is the prime choice of most demanding families. Ultimate proof of quality, the frame is guaranteed for life (see the FAQ for details) ! The Bike43 is thought and built to last.

Bike43 lifetime warranty

Is the Bike43 fun to ride?